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"Inspirational Patriotic" Military Song Competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to cultivate the noble character and patriotism of our students and to strengthen the team spirit of the class and establish a sense of honor and responsibility, this school hosted the students' "Inspirational Patriotic" military song contest in the afternoon of May 29, 2018, involving a total of 287 students. The competition will be attended by all members of the class and will be assigned for life as the conductor. The competition can be conducted in teams or action drills. It is also possible to intersperse slogans such as “Creative Team Call”, “Assist Song” or “Spirit Answer”. The competition time is 8 minutes. In the limit, I love China to stop the song, the self-selection is the song between marches, and use the five aspects of mental discipline, tone adjustment, formation style, command creativity, and costume appearance as the scoring standards. The competition was first started by the girls class, and the female high school class saw a majestic momentum that shocked the audience. The tidy and tiring team was in full swing in the change formation. Then the female high school class powder “Mex” debuted. As a spotlight in the competition field, students of this class not only showed a high degree of solidarity and cooperation, but also played a very high creativity in shaping, clothing, and team changes. In addition, they ingeniously joined the class talent element - harmonica accompaniment, and made military songs. The competition can also be very literary. After the game of women soldiers who don't let the man's eyebrows match, followed by boys in the class, the students are heroic, valiant and valiant. The youngsters are heroic and aggressive, and they stand in majestic steps. It seems to have progressed towards the goal of life. The results of the military song contest subverted the traditional concept. Women's high school attendees won the championship with dark horses. The female high vocational school Durban also held the second place trophy, while the men's training class was combined with the elements of the aboriginal dance to obtain the runner-up. At the end of the event, the guidance of all the participating students in Jiaxuan College and the serious hard work they practiced, and the spirit of collective glory for the class is worthy of encouragement. As long as the firm belief and belief in themselves, it can surely create a miracle of life. This activity handles the unit and telephone: Training Division 886-04-8742111 Ext. 417
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