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Life Education Lecture - Rabbit Cave at Sea

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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Lin Yutang once said that a true traveler must be a wanderer, experiencing the happiness, temptation, and exploration will of the wanderer. The travel must be stray, otherwise he would not be a traveler. On the afternoon of June 12, 2018, the school invited the teacher of the 10th Wanderers Program of Yunmen Cultural and Education Foundation, Lin Zirong (Afa), to explain the personal experience of the vagrants in the class. A total of 184 students participated in the seminar to share activities. . During the summer, several gypsy pirate ships floated from the south. The sailors wore all kinds of musical instruments. They turned upside down and ignited the flames. They watched the rabbits with glowing eyes and red eyes thinking: What is the feeling of floating at sea? How many carrots to bring is enough to travel without a destination? In this unknown journey, one can jump to the deep sea with a gesture of not swimming. A Fai teacher described himself as a rabbit. He took advantage of the adventurous stories of drifting on the exotic seas with a wind-powered sailboat. He looked out from the glass window of the cabin and looked like he was in a rabbit hole at sea and entered an unknown world. His life on the sea was so unfamiliar. A woman who has not been a worldly Taipei metropolis student needs to learn drifting survival skills by relying on her hands. In addition to overcoming physical incompatibility, the walrus’s unpredictable changes make her profoundly realize the truth: “Don’t focus on bad things. At the same time, we tried to learn and we could distract our attention.” The cricketing sounds of the island of Suwa, which has been visited by Japanese Susong comrades along the way, were the scene that she had never seen before in her life - a volcanic eruption. She said that anyone in life Can't predict what will happen next? She encouraged the students to grasp the present and cherish possession. After 21 days of drifting on the sea, in order to survive, set up stalls in the forest, perform on the streets, learn to knit, trade off for money, or exchange for labor. In the process, she exchanged an artistic creation for an oversized lobster. She said, “Art Maybe I can't eat, but I have the opportunity to change to lobster. Sometimes it doesn't make sense. Don't be impatient. I have a chance to meet good things after school.” The lecture also encouraged my classmates. Although the sea is very dangerous, facing it and overcoming it, Just as life will continue to face many difficulties, do not be afraid, when you have the courage to face challenges, success is not far away. This activity handles the unit and telephone: Training Division 886- 04-8742111 Ext. 417
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