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Handling the "Qin Yi Fei Yang" Love Care Concert

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to cultivate students to experience the beauty of art, to appreciate the temperament of students through music appreciation, to subtly change the temperament, to establish a correct learning concept and to strengthen self-confidence, the Academy invited the famous Japanese chromatic harmonica player Nan Lisha on July 16, 2018. Ms. Minami Risa attended the "Qinyi Feiyang" Caring and Care Concert at the hospital. A total of 168 students participated in the event.     When the Secretary of the Court delivered a speech, he said that he was grateful to the Japanese super-popular harmonica musician Miss Nancy, who was invited to the hospital to handle the charity care concert. It was shared by music exchanges and enriched the students' minds, which helped the harmonica talent class in this school. Students intensively play the skills and increase the performance experience. Mr. Chen takes the example of the students in the harmonica class in the music field as an example. Encourage the students who participated in the activity to make mistakes in the process of growth. As long as they persist in their beliefs, they will surely be in the future. Play the strengths of life and bloom the colors of life. The activities were welcomed by the Harmonica Talent Class of the Court, and the youthful suites belonged to them. The event kicked off. Then Miss Nancy Li focused on all the gaze of the audience with its rich, beautiful and rich piano sounds. The temperament is filled in the air, as if to penetrate the hearts of the people, to feel the fantasy world in music, to awaken every cell in the body for life, jazz, classical, pop music, exciting, win the applause, and the sound of the sound. Finally, Ms. Nanlisha encourages students to “heart, focus on learning, let the music soothe the soul, create a rich and brilliant life”, the activity in a sensual, warm atmosphere, let students spend an ethereal and beautiful afternoon music feast. The organizer and telephone of this activity: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 417
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