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Handling the "Starlight" Comprehensive Talent Competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to inspire students' creative talents to create their creativity, show their talents and increase their self-confidence, and guide the positive learning spirit and cultivate a positive and focused attitude towards life. On July 24, 2018, the school will handle the "Starlight" student comprehensive talent competition. The event was attended by 269 students from 13 classes in the hospital. The content of the talent competition is not limited, and it can be performed in dance, singing, imitation, speech, mime, cross talk, reading, stunts or static connotation with paintings, make-up, Chinese knots, calligraphy, jigsaw puzzles, etc. The connotation is thought-provoking and inspiring people. The performance skills and performance creativity are the scoring standards, and the lottery is used to determine the order of appearance. In the middle of the men’s necking period, the men’s country’s middle class will add an artistic atmosphere to the competition scene. When the students will complete the work and flip it at 180 degrees, in an instant, the audience will be screaming again and again, in a movie Batman. The clown face is on the paper, the students talk about the creative concept, I hope that I can flip the life, win the applause like a clown and bring happiness and happiness to others; before the game, the students in the class brainstorm and decide the performance project, after more than one month preparation and practice I am looking forward to the opportunity to perform on stage. The students are not fighting, making the housekeeping skills and unique skills, presenting the best side to the audience, dancing, singing, cross talk, stage play, musical... Every performance is brilliant and successful. Eye-catching, rich and diverse performances, sometimes impassioned, sometimes warm and sensual, the audience applause, cheering cheers come and go, long time can not stop, especially in the male technical training class to send people to think about the performance of the musical stage drama Impressed, the students use the theme of "Where are you going?", touching the plot and touching parent-child emotions. With the singing voice and the actors' movements and expressions, the emotions of the true feelings melted the audience. At the end of the event, the president of the hospital praised the students for their sincere and sincere performances to win honors for the class, so that the activities became more diverse, and the students were highly affirmed. The president also encouraged the students. The results of the competition were lost and won. I hope the students Through participation in the event, the "performance" talent will be promoted to "development" talents. Through the learning process, we will start a spiritual dialogue, find the unique personal potential that belongs to our own life, and grasp the beautiful times of youth and youth. We believe that there will be endless possibilities in the future. The organizer and telephone of this activity: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 417
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