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Handling the "Life Education Film Appreciation Writing" Competition

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to cultivate students' respect for life, establish a correct outlook on life, face life and future with positive thinking attitude, stimulate potential to create creativity and demonstrate diverse creative ability, the hospital will conduct life education film appreciation writing competition on August 22, 2018. The activities were attended by the students of the whole school in the film appreciation meeting, and the writing competition was held after the meeting. The competition mode is handled by the class itself. 2-3 students are selected to participate in the finals. A total of 31 students represent the class. The writing is based on the theme of Guo Zhiyao's "Zhiqi" movie. The handwriting method cannot be written in poetry and verse. The body is not limited, and it is based on the questionability (whether it has a positive outlook on life), the structural integrity of the paragraph, the fluency of the writing, and the correctness of the text punctuation. The content of the film is adapted from a group of tug-of-war girls in the beautiful scenery. The heroine Li Chunying is a high school girl who grew up in the countryside. She grew up in a single-parent family who grew up in a generation. She left her hometown to go to Taipei to attend high school. She and most of her economic situation are not. Jia's classmates qualified as a "physical student" and joined the tug-of-war team in the school. During the training, they experienced many setbacks and still insisted on not giving up. Finally, they won the Italian World Cup in 2010. It is a moving and inspiring movie. Students are positively evaluated after participating in the event, and they are greatly encouraged by the film plot incentives. In the face of their own future, they are full of courage and positive energy. The male student’s entry reads: "The protagonist in the film may not have the description of the fish in the film. The elegance and Hui Min of the month of shame, but through their hard work and perseverance, the temperament of the eyebrows does not allow the eyebrows to shake my heart.” The female student’s work also mentions: “After appreciating this work, I was moved by tears and full of cheers. The girls in this group are very similar to the girls in the film. They pull out the tangible thick rope. We are invisible ropes. Thanks to the teacher for accompanying and encouraging, I feel the persistence of retreating. I am not a tug-of-war, but with With aspirations, I am leading the way to life." With the students reading after reading, I am happy to see the children step by step toward their own sunshine. The organizer and telephone of this activity: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 417
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