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Our school hosts the "3-on-3 Basketball Competition" for students

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  • Last updated:2023-04-07
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On March 28th, the school organized a three-on-three basketball tournament for students to promote a culture of exercise, encourage healthy habits, and enrich extracurricular activities. A total of 112 students participated in the tournament, with 21 teams in the male category and 7 in the female. During the competition, the students displayed excellent teamwork, striving for the highest honor with all their efforts, while the spectators cheered them on, creating an energetic atmosphere on campus. The tournament taught the students the importance of teamwork and the sportsmanship of a gentleman who does not become arrogant in victory or discouraged in defeat. The principal, Mr. Lin Jia-ru, also attended the event to encourage and support the students. The tournament ended in laughter and youthful vitality, with students enjoying the fun of sports while strengthening their friendships and the school's sense of community.

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