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Our school organizes the opening activity of "Inspirational Dream Academy"

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  • Last updated:2023-05-15
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On May 6th, our school officially inaugurated the "Inspiring Dreams Academy" with full support from the Ministry of Justice and the Correctional Bureau. This initiative, which lasted for 9 months, is the first of its kind in the juvenile correctional school system and represents a successful collaboration between the public and private sectors. It has also produced the first tea master and the youngest childcare worker in the history of Taiwan.

The unveiling ceremony, witnessed by Minister Tsai Ching-hsiang of the Ministry of Justice, Director General Zhou Hui-huang of the Correctional Bureau, and renowned Taiwanese entrepreneurs, marked a new chapter for the juvenile correctional school. The event was simple, dignified, and heartwarming, with the aim of promoting an education founded on love and removing barriers to learning. The goal is to provide more rehabilitated youths with an opportunity to seamlessly integrate with the outside world through the "Learning and Application as One" principle of the Dream Academy. Additionally, it offers delinquent youths a chance to realize their dreams and transform their lives.

In his speech, Minister Tsai Ching-hsiang of the Ministry of Justice emphasized that students' education and learning cannot wait. By gradually incorporating practical training facilities within the campus, similar to vocational schools' internships, students can gain early exposure to the real-life situations they may face in society. This will undoubtedly assist the future academic and employment prospects of these rehabilitated youths. He described the establishment and promotion of the "Inspiring Dreams Academy" as an unprecedented innovation in the history of correctional schools. Furthermore, he expressed gratitude to all the selfless corporate organizations and behind-the-scenes contributors who generously contributed their resources and efforts to the Dream Academy. Minister Tsai also commended Principal Lin Jia-ju for her dedication to education and her compassionate approach, which allows lost youths to experience boundless love. He extended his sincere admiration to the correctional heroes who have silently dedicated themselves during this period.

During the event, students and parents shared heartfelt stories that moved everyone present. One parent, who also shared his personal journey as a reformed individual, expressed gratitude to the school for paving the way for his child's future. He remarked that such proactive measures were unprecedented. In addition to hosting a symposium, the venue showcased students' achievements in various skill-based learning areas, such as coffee, tea, soup dumplings, water dumplings, baking, meridian massage, floral art, and nail therapy, allowing the guests to taste and experience firsthand.

Principal Lin Jia-ju recognized that rehabilitative education, within the constraints of a limited teaching model, fails to meet the learning needs of children and often disconnects them from society upon leaving the school. Therefore, guided by the core values of "Confidence," "Hope," "True Love," and "Happiness" advocated by the Correctional Bureau, the Dream Academy focuses on meeting the needs of the children, fostering their self-confidence, finding hope for their future, understanding the true meaning of love, and cultivating a sense of gratitude. Principal Lin hopes that society will recognize and encourage these children, and through the cycle of kindness, provide ample nourishment for the rehabilitated youths receiving education. She aspires for the children to grow and flourish within the Inspiring Dreams Academy.

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