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Conduct "Watching Movies, Singing, and Telling Stories" literature lectures

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  • Last updated:2023-06-26
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To enhance students' understanding of the history and culture of Changhua, our school invited literature professor Kang Yuan to conduct a literary lecture titled "Film, Song, and Storytelling" on June 6, the 112th year. Through teaching the local nursery rhymes, Professor Kang guided the students to explore the folklore and culture of Changhua. As an accomplished writer, Professor Kang has dedicated himself to the study of folk songs in Changhua. With his rich creative and cultural experiences, he inspired students' literary imagination and appreciation for aesthetics in life. Having received awards such as the Huangxi Literary Special Contribution Award and the Wu Zhuoliu Literature Award for Poetry, he shared his works like "Puppet Shows," "Monkey and Dog," "Ah Fei," "Thin Monkey Boy," and "Pat Dry Music," which incorporate elements of proverbs and tongue twisters.

  Professor Kang emphasized that creativity arises from life experiences and imagination, expressed through one's own language. He encouraged students to apply poetry to various aspects, such as guided tours of local landscapes. The students found the experience of learning folk songs and nursery rhymes refreshing and entertaining, broadening their horizons. The interaction with Professor Kang was filled with a joyous atmosphere.

  In conclusion, Professor Kang encouraged students to read extensively, believing that it naturally accumulates creative elements. He hopes that students will enrich their literary cultivation in everyday life, fostering a campus atmosphere imbued with arts and literature. Through this lecture, students gained a deeper understanding of Changhua's history and culture while benefiting from Professor Kang's experiences and inspirations to develop an interest in literary creation and cultural promotion.

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