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Mother's Day Phone Call

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  • Last updated:2023-06-26
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  To allow students to express their love and gratitude for their mothers and family members, our school organized a "Mother's Day Phone Filial Piety" event in October of the 112th year. All students participated, with a total of 252 students taking part in this gratitude and love-sharing activity.

  The event was conducted in batches, with students taking turns to make phone calls. With only a brief 6-minute conversation time, students expressed their longing and early blessings to their families. On the other end of the line, family members encouraged their children, reminding them to follow school rules, listen to teachers, and strive for positive change. Because students' eyes are overwhelmed with feelings of missing their families, students' eyes turned red, their voices trembled, and they choked back tears as they promised their families to start anew and embark on a fresh journey. The atmosphere was filled with warmth, and genuine emotions were evident throughout the venue.

The successful implementation of this phone filial piety activity, was made possible by the full support of Chunghwa Telecom's Changhua branch. They provided free phone lines for students to use. This act of corporate kindness influenced the students, enabling them to appreciate the selfless efforts and sacrifices made by their mothers and families. It served as a reminder for students to never forget their filial duty.

Finally, students reluctantly hung up the phone, eagerly looking forward to the next reunion with their families, hoping to show them the new selves they have become.

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