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"Laser Tattoo Removal Event: Embracing the Sunlight and Overcoming Regrets"

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  • Last updated:2023-07-04
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To help students avoid the long-term impact of impulsive or curious decisions that leave permanent marks on their bodies, our school actively encourages and responds to students' self-realization and positive understanding regarding tattoo removal. On June 20th, the 112th year, we organized a meaningful event called "Embracing the Sunlight and Overcoming Regrets" to support students in their journey of self-discovery.


The event was sponsored by the Xingyi Foundation, which covered the associated costs, and we were fortunate to have Dr. Shi Bochun from He Mei Yongji Plastic Surgery Clinic enthusiastically respond to our invitation to provide on-campus medical consultations. A total of 51 students participated in this event. We hope all students regain their confidence and shine brightly after leaving the school.

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