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Student "Restorative Life Drama Competition"

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  • Last updated:2023-07-04
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To enhance students' understanding and awareness of restorative justice, the school organized a drama competition centered around restorative justice. Through script designing and empathizing with the characters, students could recognize their mistakes and empathize with the harm caused to the victims, leading to self-reflection and positive emotional transformation. The competition occurred on June 20, the 112th year, with 107 students from 15 classes participating.
This event encouraged students to unleash their creativity, improve their literary skills, and cultivate a change in temperament, with the aim of education. The students were evaluated based on script appropriateness, completeness of performance, creativity, stage set design, and the quality of props. Each participating class put in their best effort, rehearsing extensively to present a flawless performance on stage. The participating teams showcased exceptional talent, with "Resonance of Diligence" winning first place for their outstanding portrayal of the emotional bond between a character and their grandmother. "Mom, I Love You" secured second place with a mesmerizing performance by a student playing the role of a mother. The male automotive class earned third place for their exquisite props and natural, realistic performance in "Moonlight and Lattes' Confession."
Although the students may not have experienced the specific subject matter of repairing relationships in a criminal context, they genuinely expressed repentance and transformation through the plot, conveying their deepest emotions regarding the pain they once caused their families. Through interpreting and embodying the characters, they understood that "apology" is not a sign of weakness but a stepping stone towards repairing emotions and fostering personal growth.

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