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Our school hosts the "Volleyball Competition" for students

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  • Last updated:2023-08-03
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On July 24, 112, we held a volleyball competition in our school that promoted sports culture, enhanced students' recreational activities, and cultivated teamwork. With 102 students participating, comprising ten teams of boys and five groups of girls, the event was filled with youthful vigor and laughter. The students displayed remarkable unity and cooperation, exemplifying the essence of sportsmanship. Notably, one female cheerleader from the Catering Science class motivated her classmates by promising to change her bad habits if their class won the championship. This heartwarming story added inspiration to the competition. Beyond enhancing teamwork, the event also taught students the spirit of "gentlemanly competition," embodying humility in victory and resilience in defeat. The event concluded with a sense of fulfillment and camaraderie amid cheers and applause.

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