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“Distinguished Citizens Society of Taichung City Chunghsuao, Sending love and support to the 'Inspiring Li-Zhi Dream Academy' to help students build their dreams."

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  • Last updated:2023-08-03
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      The purpose of the Distinguished Individuals Association is to cultivate noble character traits of wisdom, courtesy, integrity, and shame and to advocate the values of loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, righteousness, and peace. The goal is to ensure that future generations will lead content and peaceful lives and to encourage every citizen to take up their responsibilities towards society.

      On August 1st, the Taichung City Chung-Hsiao International Distinguished Individuals Association extended warmth and love to the Inspiring Dreams Academy. The students of the academy had the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired skills, including hand-brewed coffee, both Western and Chinese cuisine, hand aromatherapy care, meridian shoulder and neck massage, and tableside service. The approach used is gradual and similar to a vocational school's internship program, enabling students to experience real-life situations they might encounter upon entering society, which will undoubtedly benefit the future education and employment prospects of juvenile offenders.

      Led by the founding president, Zeng Guozhao, along with the Huang Zhaozhi couple and President Chen Keyang, 27 enthusiastic members of the Distinguished Individuals Association donated NTD 204,800 to establish the Dream Fund for the Inspiring Dreams Academy. During the gathering, the chairman likened the story of Li Zhi, who became a distinguished individual after seeking refuge with Lü Buwei, to inspire the students to forget their past circumstances, grow and thrive through inspiration, and acquire valuable skills. They are encouraged to utilize the support from teachers, principals, and entrepreneurs within the school and later become outstanding members of society, giving back to others.

      Principal Lin Jia-Ru hopes that the Inspiring Li-Zhi Dream Academy can assist students in acquiring valuable skills and become a seamless connection between children and society, where they can showcase their abilities, gain recognition from the outside world, build self-confidence, and receive nourishment from various communities, helping them solidify their dreams and soar to great heights.

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