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Our school held the "Life Story Karaoke Singing Competition"

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  • Last updated:2023-11-08
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The competition aims to enhance students' diverse learning interests, discover their singing talents, and train them in stage presence, posture, and expression abilities. The competition took place on the afternoon of October 25th, with a total of 15 groups and 19 students participating.
The competition was judged based on five criteria: life story sharing, pitch and rhythm, emotional skills, vocal quality and articulation, and stage presence. The anticipation was palpable as the event unfolded. The selected students from each class showcased not only their personal charm but also exceptional vocal and singing skills. Besides focusing on singing competence, the competition also encouraged participants to share their personal life stories.

Among the participants, a female contestant of Amis descent shared her touching past, expressing gratitude towards her teachers and hoping for her mother's recovery from illness. Her heartfelt emotions melted the hearts of the audience. A male contestant delivered a powerful performance of "What Love Looks Like When It Grows Up," expressing yearning for love and family bonds. Another male student shared his own life story, realizing that what his parents truly needed was companionship rather than wealth. His rendition of "Sound of Falling Rain" resonated deeply with the audience, earning him enthusiastic applause.

The careful consideration given to the participants' life stories, singing techniques, lyrical interpretation, and focus on engaging the audience created an atmosphere filled with continuous applause. The encouragement from teachers further highlighted the strong bond between educators and students.

With a high level of competition, the results were closely contested. The champion was won by a student from the Beauty Science Class 1A, followed by an Automotive Science Class 1A student as the runner-up, and a Culinary Arts Class 2A student securing third place. In conclusion, the teachers encouraged the students to practice filial piety in a timely manner, embark on their inspirational learning journeys, and become the best versions of themselves. The event ended on a high note, filled with lively laughter and applause.

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