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Li-Zhi high school organizes the students' "1600-meter team relay race"

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  • Last updated:2023-12-01
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 To enhance students' physical fitness and foster teamwork and perseverance, our school organized a Student Relay Race on November 21, 112, with 112 students from 14 classes participating. Teams were determined by drawing lots, each sending 8 elite members to run 200 meters each. The class with the shortest total time emerged victorious. Prior to the race, the PE teacher explained the rules, emphasizing warm-ups and protective measures, urging students to embody the spirit of "grace in victory, resilience in defeat." The competition was spirited, with students pushing themselves to the limit for class honor. Cheers echoed on the field, showcasing teamwork and camaraderie. The final stretch witnessed an intense sprint, culminating in a well-deserved victory and jubilant celebrations. The closely contested event left a lasting imprint, becoming a cherished and unforgettable memory for all participants.

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