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Skateboard Teaching, Regaining Courage

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  • Last updated:2023-12-27
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Date: November 2, 2023

Skateboarding is a challenging sport that requires courage, perseverance, and skill. In the skateboarding teaching activity on October 25, students from Li-chi Middle School learned the basic skills of skateboarding under the guidance of skateboarding experts. After falling countless times, the children gradually overcame their fear and learned to stand up bravely. This teaching activity not only taught the children how to skateboard, but more importantly, it helped them regain their courage and laid a good foundation for their future lives.
"As long as you're not afraid, you've already won!" That's what skateboarding coach SKY told the Li-chi students at the start of the event. He encouraged the children to be brave and try new things, and not to be afraid of failure. During the activity, Sky coach truly immersed himself in the children, constantly encouraging them with words. He said, "If you fall, just do a breaking move on the ground, that's 'cool'." Sky coach's encouragement helped the children gradually put aside their worries and start to bravely try skateboarding.
Skateboard school principal Yang Chang-wei is a gentle and patient coach who always gives individual guidance to children who are afraid. He teaches children how to balance, how to control direction, and patiently explains the key points of each movement. The guidance of the skateboarding school principal helped the children better understand skateboarding, and also made them more confident in learning skateboarding.
Liang Yan-chen, Cai Yue-han, and Zhang Shu-wei are all well-known skateboarding masters. Their appearance immediately attracted the children's attention. Yan-chen coach often gives children a skateboarding-style high five to encourage them. Yue-han coach, who is close in age to the Li-chi children, encouraged them not to give up their dreams with his own experience. Shu-wei coach patiently demonstrated the movements, allowing the children to quickly grasp the tricks.
With the efforts of nearly 80 children, the skateboarding teaching activity was a complete success. The children were all very serious about their own practice world. They gradually mastered the skills of skateboarding in the fall, and also gradually overcame their fear.
Skateboarding is a sport that tests mental toughness to the extreme. It not only requires the courage not to be afraid of falling, but also the courage to get up bravely after falling again and again! Every time a child unlocks a new trick, they will greatly increase their confidence, and then move on to the next new challenge. This is the best gift we want to give to the Li-chi children. Only by falling can you learn to stand up on your own and become a braver adult.
The skateboarding teaching activity not only taught the children how to skateboard, but more importantly, it helped them regain their courage. Growing up in the fall and learning from failure is the inevitable path for children to succeed.
Key Points:
● The skateboarding teaching activity helped children to regain their courage by encouraging them to try new things, overcoming their fear of falling, and learning from their mistakes.
● The activity was a success because the children were serious about their practice and the coaches were patient and encouraging.
● The activity is a valuable experience for children because it teaches them the importance of courage, perseverance, and skill.

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