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Date: November 2, 2023
The Being Love Association and Li Zhi high School (formerly the Juvenile Detention Center) held their second sports experience course on October 11th. The event had two main items: basketball and street dance.
Basketball Course:
The basketball course was led by head coach Lee Sung-seok, athlete Chen Chih-an, and assistant coach from Dongshan High School. They led five student players in the establishment of second-level basic movements and group competitions. The coaches incorporated elements of respect, cooperation, encouragement, and trust into their teaching, allowing the teenagers to cooperate and trust each other in competitions, and to demonstrate team spirit. The coaches constantly encouraged the children: "Good! Go! Great!" The attitudes of the athletes and the delinquent teenagers, who were passionate and focused, were touching!
Street Dance Course:
The street dance course was led by Ms. Xiaohui (Xie Xinhui). Ms. Xiaohui encouraged the children at the beginning of the event: "It doesn't matter if you dance well or not, attitude is the most important!" The teenagers showed their superb learning ability. Under the influence of Ms. Xiaohui's enthusiasm, they stimulated the vitality of the delinquent teenagers and showed a side full of passion, movement, and confidence. In the atmosphere of enthusiastic participation by everyone, the course went very smoothly, even overtime.
The sports experience course held by the Being Love Association and Li Zhi high School was a complete success. The children learned new sports skills in the course and also gained confidence and encouragement. In the process of accompanying the children, there may be many difficulties, but the Beginning Association will continue to accompany the children without interruption, let them find confidence and hope in sports, and reintegrate into society.
I believe that the cooperation between the Being Love Association and Li Zhi high School is very meaningful. Through sports, it can help delinquent teenagers build confidence, learn teamwork spirit, and regain hope in life. This event not only allowed the children to learn new skills, but also let them experience the joy of sports. I believe that with the companionship of the Being Love Association and volunteers, the children will definitely be able to overcome difficulties and have a better future.
● The Being Love Association is a non-profit organization that provides sports and education programs to children and youth in need.
● Li Zhi high School is a vocational high school in Changhua County, Taiwan.
● The delinquent teenagers in this article are students at Li Zhi high School who have been involved in the juvenile justice system.

source https://beginlove.org/3397/

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