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Our school organizes the "Themed Classroom Decoration" Competition for Character and Life Education

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  • Last updated:2024-02-15
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To usher in the Lunar New Year, our school organized a "Themed Classroom Decoration" competition, encouraging students to collaborate, enhance friendships, and enjoy learning. Classes chose and decorated their classrooms with unique themes, using diverse materials like paper, fabric, wood, and recycled items. Some depicted a motivational scene inspired by a famous painting, symbolizing the school's diverse educational journey. Others created a mystical atmosphere with a "Magic Time House" theme, filled with inspirational messages. One class focused on the beauty of reading with a serene ambiance. The event promoted environmental awareness and showcased students' creativity. The results crowned Virtue Class with the "Dreams Soaring in the Inspirational River" theme as the first-place winner, and Diligence Class secured second place with the "Magic Time House" theme. Through this endeavor, we aim to instill a sense of truth, goodness, and beauty in students' lives.

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