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Our school organizes the "Patriotic and Loved School Song Contest"

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  • Last updated:2024-03-27
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To cultivate students' patriotism and school spirit, and to promote a positive atmosphere in society, our school held a Patriotic and School Anthem Song Competition on the afternoon of March 19, 113th academic year. A total of 267 students from 16 classes participated. The competition, conducted on a class basis, required all members to participate with one designated conductor per class. It involved choreographed formations, creative chants, and demonstrations of discipline within an 8-minute time limit. Evaluation criteria included discipline, musicality, choreography, creativity in conducting, and attire. The competition commenced with an impressive performance by the girls' class, followed by a spirited display from the boys' class. The Agricultural Economics students clinched the championship, while the Automotive Engineering students secured the runner-up position. Principal Lin praised the students for their dedication and teamwork, emphasizing the spirit of striving for glory. He encouraged them to believe in themselves and persevere, as miracles can be achieved with unwavering faith and determination.

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