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Our school organizes the 113th Mother's Day telephone filial piety activity

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  • Last updated:2024-05-14
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To allow students to express gratitude and longing for their mothers and families, our school organized the "Mother's Day Phone Filial Piety" activity on May 3rd, 113. All 296 students participated, taking turns to call their families. Within the brief 6-minute window, they conveyed their love and early festive wishes. Parents, on the other end, encouraged their children to abide by school rules, heed teachers' guidance, and strive for positive change. The emotional conversations left students teary-eyed, promising to embark on a fresh start. This heartwarming event was made possible by the generous support of Chunghwa Telecom, providing free phone lines. Such gestures remind students of their families' unwavering sacrifices and underscore the importance of filial piety. As calls ended reluctantly, students eagerly anticipate future reunions, hoping to showcase their growth to their loved ones.

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