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Education Seminar on "Immune Prevention and Protection of Infected Persons' Rights and Interests"

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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The prevalence of HIV has caused a great impact on global public health. In recent years, the number of infected people has been increased by drug addiction and unsafe sex. It also poses certain concerns for first-line law enforcement officers to perform their duties. A person who is suspected or diagnosed as a person with HIV infection, although there is a certain awareness of AIDS, there are still a few misunderstandings.      In order to enable colleagues to have a deeper understanding of the disease and to understand the current AIDS prevention and control policy, the hospital invited the Changhua Christian Hospital, Lihuaxuan AIDS, to the third floor of the hospital on September 13 and 14, 2018. The conference room will provide an educational seminar on "AIDS Prevention and Protection and Infected Persons' Rights and Interests". Participated in activities to discipline a total of 111 people. The event handling unit and telephone: Health Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 210
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