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Handling the karaoke OK singing competition for the cultural and recreational activities in September 2018

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  • Last updated:2018-12-27
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In order to explore the talents of students singing performances, enhance students' multi-learning interest and train students to be guts, typhoon, manners and expression skills, the Court handled the "Chen Fu Good Voices" karaoke OK singing competition on the afternoon of September 25, a total of 22 groups of 36 A student entered the competition.     In this competition, the four major aspects of pitching, emotional skills, timbre, and typhoon are used as the scoring standard. The competition is grandly displayed in the hope of the people. Students who participate in the class through internal selection are all temporary choices. In addition to exuding personal charm, the timbre and singing skills are superior. The competition is decided by the student lottery. The male technical training class is gentle and voiced by a "bad guy". Emotions hold the audience's heart; the girls don't let the eyebrows, and the girls' class students also show their singing strength with a song, "Yang Zao", the beautiful sound of Huang Hao, and the audience under the audience listened to the intoxication, and did not report warm applause; The enthusiasm of the participants, the interpretation of the lyrics and the intention of focusing on the eyes made the audience scream and applause.     The contestants gathered together, the strength was between the bosses, the scores of the competition were announced, and the Durban students won the championship back seat. The Yiban class won the runner-up award and the diligent class was ranked third. The students silently made a wish and agreed to show more exquisite strength in the next match. The teacher also hopes that all the students will make persistent efforts and hear different ambien
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