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Handling the "2018 Christmas Caring Students" performance

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In order to assist the students to change their careers, through the experience sharing and care of the social charities, students are encouraged to reflect on the introspection and feel the warmth and care of the public. The hospital invited the rehabilitation fellowship to be held on December 11, 2018. The school handled the "2018 Christmas Care Students" performance, and the event consisted of 8 classes of 126 students.     In the course of the speech, the head of the department encouraged the students to encourage students to make mistakes. "It is inevitable that you will make mistakes when you grow up." If you change your mind and accept change, you will be able to create your own beautiful life. The event was first kicked off by Mr. Cai's song for "Love and Live" to sing the scene of the lively atmosphere. Then, by sharing the life story of Mr. Zhang Luoming - "Want to Go Home", students are encouraged to cherish the opportunity to get along with their families. Believe in yourself, break through the predicament, bravely be the master of life, and share the life course of the life on the stage. The students in the audience feel the same feelings, and the feelings of family members are in the heart, and they are blindly red-eyed.     At the end of the event, the children's dance performances by the Children's Health and Welfare Institute of Changhua County, the children's dance with a song "self-improvement" danced neatly and harmoniously. The optimistic and cheerful attitude challenged the limits of the body, showing full confidence and giving the audience a full audience. To be moved, I received warm applause. Finally, Pastor Cai prayed for the students. During the period of probation education, the students precipitated the soul, retrieved the true self, and became a modest and kind person. The activity ended satisfactorily in a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The organizer and telephone of this activity: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 417
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