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In December 2018, he handled the cultural and recreational activities "Chess King Hegemony"

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In order to help students improve their concentration of learning and use their thinking skills in arithmetic and reasoning, the school will handle the student's cultural and recreational activities-Chess confrontation competition on December 25, 2018, and replace the past dynamic and lively form with static and calm thinking. In order to win the battle, the team will participate in a total of 14 classes of 28 students.     Before the competition, each class will handle the primary election by itself, and the best chess player in the class should be recommended. As soon as the participating students entered the competition venue, they were nervous and thoughtful. It seemed that they were already playing for the next step. The teacher started the game after explaining the rules of the schedule. In the match between the class and the class, regardless of the middle and upper grades, the breath was held. In the game of condensed gods, I can’t hear the sound of snoring, I can’t see the clouds of war, and the eyes are the eyes of the students’ eyes and the eyes of the dagger. I hope to use the chess to defeat the honor of the other class and become the chess king in the chess. Show the battle of gentlemen.     After the game, the chess king was born. The girls’ class was won by the wisdom class and the class was the runner-up. The boys’ class was crowned by the love class, the third place, and the moral class was the runner-up throne. The winning students returned to the class with confidence and joy. The defeated students seem to be planning the next blueprint for the resurgence of the victory. The event ended in a teacher's encouragement to the students to "win the arrogance and defeat." The organizer and telephone of this activity: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 417
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