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Including the Spring Festival of the Students in 2019

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  • Last updated:2019-02-15
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From January 22nd to 24th, the school held a three-day Spring Festival "Family Face-to-Face". On the eve of the festive season, students who missed their loved ones shared their love with their parents. On-site class tutors shuttled between teenagers and parents, and exchanged opinions with each other; some teenagers were red-eyed in front of their long-lost relatives, and the scene was quite touching. Recently, the hospital has attached more importance to the family support and counseling education for the young people. Thanks to years of experience, this Spring Festival celebration is even more warm and moving. Under the emotion of "everything during the festive season", students who are receiving "juvenile education" will see their loved ones. With family support, they will be able to comfort the young and the young. The open family members of the family were sharing the dishes with the students. One of the students enjoyed the carrot cake made by the mother. The words were sweet and said: "This is the happiness I miss day and night." In order to enhance parents' confidence in juvenile correctional education, the students specially arranged various talent performances, such as harmonica, saxophone music talents and dance performances, so that the parents were all pleased with the growth and transformation of the children. Emphasis on formal school education, the use of "one class and one feature" approach to promote talent courses, such as: art performances, art, Go, Ukuleli, etc., the course is highly praised by students. A total of 342 family members from all over Taiwan participated in the three-day activities. The Changhua County Children and Teenagers Care Association and the Taiwan Rehabilitation Association Changhua Branch attended the venue to care for and encourage students. The hospital will continue to uphold the concept of counseling education. Enhance the interaction between teachers, parents and students, and fully communicate and coach to help students re-enter the society. The organizer and telephone of this activity: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 Extension 417
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