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Handling anti-drug life education lectures

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  • Last updated:2019-02-23
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In order to enable students to understand the dangers of drugs, improve anti-drug woven, quit drug dependence, and strengthen social reintegration, the Court co-organized with the Taiwan Rehabilitation Association Branch on the afternoon of February 19, 2019, inviting Tzu Chi Chi At the same time, Mr. Gao Yiliang, the winner of the 2015 Anti-Poison True Hero and the 2015 Xu Qing Award, held the "Aliang's White Life - Anti-Drug Life Education Lecture", which was attended by a total of 175 students.
In the course of the lecture, the head of the department encouraged the students to encourage students. It is not terrible to make mistakes at one time. It is precious to change the goodness of life. By sharing the life experience of the lectures, learning to face the difficulties and never give up, will create a life. , marching towards Kangzhuang Avenue. The activity was kicked off by the Tzu Chi Group's "Yang Yang Tu" sign language music stage drama to promote the filial piety; the activity entered the theme, and the lecture was opened and said: "There are two things in life that cannot be waited for, one is to be filial and the other is to do good." The national small is infected with smoking habits, the drug-free in the middle of the period, and the gangs of the high-school violent wounds in the high school period. Before the age of 35, the life was spent in the prison authorities until they were handcuffed by law enforcement officers and returned to their homes. When the father was mourning, he experienced the greatest embarrassment in life. Therefore, let him realize that filial piety should be timely. He also encouraged the students: "If you are wrong once, give yourself a chance to reverse your life, help yourself, and you can do it. Act, improve yourself, set goals and make a vision to prepare for the future."
The lectures are shared by personal experiences, interpreting the transformation of the life process, and letting students feel the same. I believe that as long as you are brave enough to change yourself, you will be able to rewrite your life and be accepted and recognized by your family.
The activity handling unit and telephone: Discipline and Guidance Section 886-04-8742111 ext 417

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