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Handling the Life Education Lecture on "The Little Man Becomes a Valuable Man - A Mirror to Change the Destiny"

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Lectures encourage students to change, never too late, and accept the past themselves

In order to help students develop a correct outlook on life, consciously reflect, learn good attitudes, behaviors and habits, change from "heart" and prepare for future life, this hospital is very good with the consortium on the afternoon of March 19, 2019. Co-organized by the Good Culture Foundation, Zheng Zhengxin’s lecturer was invited to hold a life education lecture on “The Little Man Becomes a Noble – A Devil's Face to Change the Destiny”. A total of 133 students participated in the event.
When Secretary Cai gave a speech, he encouraged students to practice the three good sports of "speaking good words, doing good things, and keeping good heart" in daily life. He took the experience of the learning process of the talent class in this school as an example. The students all know how to be good and cherish the learning opportunities. Through group life and building a harmonious and deep friendship with classmates, and still insist on not giving up when facing bottlenecks in learning, this spirit and courage is worthy of praise. First of all, the lectures are based on the filial piety and the heart is grateful, indicating that the parents are the first nobles in our lives. Then, the lectures are based on the story of the story of "the scorpion falling into the well." In the journey of life, sometimes we will inevitably fall into the "dry well." In it, we will be dumped on us by all kinds of "sand", as long as we shake off the sand and then stand up, even if it falls to the deepest well, it can safely get out of trouble; encounter in life The various difficulties and setbacks are like the "sand" that is added to us in the story. Students are encouraged to look at it from a different angle and turn "a stumbling block into a stepping stone."
Finally, the lecture is based on the "Fate Butterfly Effect Theory". The concept-attitude-behavior-character-destiny has a chain effect. As long as the concept changes attitude, it will change, and the attitude change behavior will change, and eventually it will be able to reverse. His own destiny; he is a student at the same time, everyone will make mistakes, accept the past with heart, set goals to the end, the world will help you realize your dreams.
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