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Handling the "challenge limit, surpassing self" three-on-three basketball game

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In order to promote sports, develop good exercise habits, enrich students' extracurricular activities, and enhance teamwork spirit, the Court will conduct a three-on-three basketball game of "Challenge the Limits and Surpass the Self" on the afternoon of March 26 and 27, 2019.
The men's and women's group competitions in this event were first conducted by the class. The class was divided into 1-2 teams, each team consisted of 3 players, the boys group consisted of 17 teams and the girls group totaled 8 teams. A total of 84 students participated. In the competition, the match-matching single elimination system is played. The first time of each competition is 5 minutes. The top 4 boys and the top 2 girls are in the final. For the sake of fairness, the school specially invites Tanaka high school physical education teacher as the referee. In the middle of the game, the players fully exerted the spirit of unity and cooperation, and strived for the highest honors, and did not make a lot of explanations. The cheers and cheers on the sidelines were endless. In the quiet campus, the teenagers and the girls swayed their youth. vitality.
Through the activity competition process, in addition to letting students understand the importance of team tacit understanding, and teaching students to learn the "Gentleman's Controversy", practice the spirit of the sportsman's victory and defeat, and the activity is full of youthfulness and laughter. .
The event handling unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111 ext 417

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