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Handling students' "Legal Counseling and Rule of Law Education" activities

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In order to enrich the students' new knowledge of law, establish students' awareness of the rule of law society and strengthen compliance with the rules, the Court was co-organized with the Changhua Branch of the Legal Support Foundation of the Foundation on April 16, 2019, and invited Liao Yiting to attend the legal counseling and rule of law education lectures. A total of 116 students from 7 classes participated in the event.
The seminar is based on the current initiative of the Ministry of Justice to promote the establishment of a "people-oriented" flexible judicial system - "Beyond the Criminal Justice Process - A Profile of Restorative Justice". It shows that the restored justice is different from the traditional judicial system, mainly in constructing a dialogue mechanism and repairing crimes. Injury, the focus is not on punishment or revenge, but on how to heal the wounds, restore balance, restore the broken relationship after the crime, and give the new meaning of "judicial", that is, seek truth, apologize, comfort, and be responsible With justice in recovery. In the course, the revised judicial implementation procedure is analyzed in New Zealand's actual case, and students are encouraged to try to look at everything from different angles; to guide students to know, understand, and obey the law through knowledge sharing, and to interact more with students and lectures. Deep understanding of law-abiding.
Finally, the lecture encourages students, life is not good, nine out of ten, the ability to cultivate positive thinking in all things can easily resolve conflicts and crises, bravely take responsibility, be a warm, sincere, kind person, the family will be proud of you, the whole The event ended in a warm and warm atmosphere.
The event handling unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111 ext 417

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