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Handling 2019 Mother's Day telephone filial activities

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In order to let students express their feelings of gratitude and gratitude to their mothers and their families, on the afternoon of May 3, 2019, the school handled the "Mother's Day Phone Duty" event, which accommodated students to participate in the event. A total of 234 students participated in this gratitude and love activities. .
     The activities were dialed in batches according to the class. The students grasped the only 6 minutes of talk time, complained to the mother and wished the mother a happy holiday in advance. The mother also encouraged the children on the other side of the phone. In the hospital, they must abide by the rules of the hospital and listen to the teacher’s teaching. Moved to the good, the students missed the family's feelings and rushed to the heart of the eyes, the language with a whimper to allow the family to leave the hospital will start a new life, the warm atmosphere of the venue is spread, the true feelings everywhere.
     This telephone trip was successfully carried out. It relied on the full support of Chunhua Telecom's Changhua Operations Office. It set up a free telephone for students to use. By promoting the students, the students were encouraged to experience the hard work of the mother and family without any regrets. Forget the kiss.
The event handling unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111 ext 417

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