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Students participate in the 2019 HBC International Cup Art Skills Competition

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  • Last updated:2019-05-29
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In order to cultivate students' professional skills and increase their practical experience, we plan to train C-level skills training. Women's hairdressing class training students will participate in the 108-year HBC International Cup Art Skills Competition after passing the C-level women's hairdressing skills test. Through the affirmation of professional appraisal, students can quickly connect with the industry after leaving the hospital, and can show their talents in the workplace and continue to advance into the professional field of beauty salons.
The women's hairdressing class in the hospital enrolled in the 2019 HBC International Cup Art Skills Competition in April. The participating groups were 9 international cold-cold static group and 1 international fan-shaped cold-hot static group. After the professional guidance of Lai Wenfang, the hairdressing teacher of the hospital. Students and students study hard, and on May 23, the works were delivered by the staff of the hospital to the competition site. The National University of Science and Technology passed the professional evaluation to score, and finally won the international standard cold-hot static group runner-up, excellent excellent 8 and international fan-shaped cold-hot static One group of excellent students, the students have achieved good results, it is worthy of recognition.
After this competition, students will accumulate practical experience and enhance their professional hairdressing skills. The students who participated in the competition are happy to express their great help in their future employment and entrepreneurship.
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