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Staff and Forestry Employment Center cooperates to handle employment promotion lectures

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In order to enhance the employment competitiveness of the custodians and the rehabilitated persons, the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Department, the Zhang Chong Branch, the Lin Employment Center, plans to promote the counseling lectures, understand the actual needs of the students' employment counseling, and properly plan the relevant Integration and application of resources. The hospital students will have a better understanding and understanding of the employment workplace, and improve the low employment concept and lack of self-confidence.
In this employment counseling lecture, Wu Zikai, director of the Development and Administration Department of the Taiwan Haixing Juvenile Care Association, was invited by the Lin Zhang Employment Center of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development, and the theme of the speech was "Agreement, Happiness and Success". A total of 45 students participated.
The case handling unit and telephone: Academic Affairs Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 320

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