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Handling the "Wanderer Campus Life Education Lecture"

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In order to expand students' horizons, share life experiences through lectures, encourage students to develop their potential, and bravely pursue their dreams. The Court invited the winners of the first Wandering Foundation Project on June 11, 2019. Mr. Wu Xinze, founder and artistic director of the Xiyou Orchestra, attended the life education lectures and a total of 171 students participated in the event.
At the beginning of the event, the lecture was titled "From the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean - Wu Xinze's Fusion Music Tour". The imperial performance of the ancient Indian sitar (sitar), superb skillful performance skills, successfully attracted the audience's attention, first of all, lectures Encourage students with their own growth stories, how to find their own advantages; then, the lectures share the experiences, things, things, and sorrows of the wandering ancient Indian apprentices, and there are setbacks and incentives during the academic period, deep in local life, once in the Ganges The wild dog group licked the shore and floated; seeing a Muslim terrorist attack, eight Indians were killed on the spot. He said that there are 7.5 billion people in the world who lived different lives in different countries. Different treatment, now he feels growing up in Taiwan, very happy! Remind students to cherish and grasp the present.
During the activity, the students spontaneously asked questions to get closer to the lectures. The warm and warm atmosphere infects everyone on the scene. Finally, the lectures encourage students and grasp the youth and plan for future life. There are three important things: "Setting goals" - Find your own interests and potentials, and "build a life ladder" - accumulate ability and "keep in the end" - even if you encounter setbacks, never give up, and draw a perfect ending for the event.
The event handling unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111 ext 417

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