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Handling the chess competition for the cultural and recreational activities in June 2019

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In order to help students improve their concentration of learning and develop static leisure activities after school, the school handled the student cultural and recreational activities-the dark chess confrontation competition on June 28, 108, and replaced the dynamic and lively form with static calm thinking. 26 students participated.
Before the game, each class will handle the primary election by itself, and the best chess player in the class will be recommended. At the beginning of the activity, after the teacher explains the rules of the schedule, the competition will be started immediately. In the match between the class and the class, regardless of age, the game will be in the air and will not be heard. Hearing, you can't see the clouds, and the eyes are the eyes of the students' eyes and the eyes of the daggers. They are looking forward to defeating the honors of the other class with chess, and become the "chess king" among the chess players, fully demonstrating the gentleman's Fight.
After the game, the award-winning students returned to the class with confidence and joy. The students who lost the game seemed to be planning the next blueprint for the victory. The activity ended in the teacher's encouragement to the students to win or lose.
The event handling unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111 ext 417

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