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The school handles students' "Legal Counseling and Rule of Law Education" activities

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In order to enrich the students' new knowledge of law, establish students' awareness of the rule of law society and strengthen compliance with the norms, the school was co-organized with the Changhua Branch of the Legal Support Foundation of the Foundation on July 16, 2019, and invited Su Mingyuan, a lawyer who also has the status of singer, to handle the law. Legal counseling and rule of law education lectures, a total of 129 students from 8 classes participated in the event.
Lectures are different from previous methods in sharing legal knowledge. Through self-singing and self-singing, they create their own songs, find the perfect chords between songs and laws, and the seven life stories of real lawsuits are turned into seven popular people. The songs, piercing the darkness of the light, soothing the people, so vividly presented, let the students who listened to the scene deepen the concept of law-abiding, guide students to reflect on reflection, cherish the present, filial parents.
Finally, the lecture encourages students, the tall giants also have to learn the humbleness of the rice ear, and everything goes back to the sea and the sky, and a little more thinking can save a lifetime of regret, the whole event is successfully concluded in a warm, intellectual and emotional atmosphere.
The event handling unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111 ext 417

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