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Handling 2019 Information Security Education Training and Promotion Activities

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In view of the frequent information security incidents and the leakage of personal data in government agencies, the image of the government has been damaged and the public funds have been leaked. In order to avoid the leakage of personal data in the organization, the information security of the colleagues in the hospital has been strengthened through education and training. Cognitive and enhance the awareness of personal data protection of colleagues, specializing in two information security education and training activities on July 26 and 29, 2019. The course introduces 2019 information security trends and frequent blackmail software raging incidents, letting colleagues know how hackers invade institutions or companies through social engineering emails, and teach colleagues how to prevent social email attacks.
In addition, the course also introduced the threat of the Internet of Things, letting colleagues know that in the era of the Internet of Things, every new device connected to the Internet may bring new conveniences and surprises, but also open the security portal, the connotation of network security It has become more and more complicated, and the problem has gradually evolved from personal privacy information and financial secrets to national security issues. Information security is not just about affecting individuals. It is important for colleagues to understand that everyone is an important part of information security and strengthen colleagues. The important concept of "information security, everyone is responsible".
The activity handling unit and telephone: Academic Affairs Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 302

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