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Handling the "Summer Buddhist Growth Camp" in 2019

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In order to enable students to grow their wisdom, settle their bodies and minds, and accumulate fortune, the school and the Yide Temple of Chiayi County jointly organized the “Student Summer Buddhism Growth Camp” on August 7 and 8th, 2019. A total of 139 students participated in the event. .
With the theme of "filial piety and good deeds", the school has a rich and diverse curriculum. In the event, the retired police officer Huang Bolin was invited to give a lecture on life education in Buddhism with "three roots, causal education" to encourage students to develop rituals to reduce disputes. At the same time, Zhang Rongfa, President of Evergreen Group, and Li Ka-shing, a good businessman from Hong Kong, reminded students to do good in life. When they have the ability, they can give back to help the weak, guide students' values and promote filial piety, teach students to respect the teacher, and guide students to lose their knowledge. Return to the light.
During the Buddhist camp, the food is served in both breakfast and lunch. I hope that students can be healthy and vegetarian, reduce impulsive emotions, accumulate merits, and pray for themselves and their families.
※This activity is handled by the unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111, extension 417

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