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The school handles the 2019 special education knowledge study

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  • Last updated:2019-09-27
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In order to enhance the knowledge and awareness of the special education of our colleagues, we will enhance our understanding and awareness of special education students. We will provide students with appropriate counseling and assistance in the face of student problems, and organize two special education programs, and invite them to the four seasons. Su Shi, a director of the Commercial Office, arranged "I am not a bad temper - an introduction to the identification and behavioral function of emotional and behavioral disorders" and "Happy Big Posts - Teacher Stress Adjustment and Emotional Coping Skills". I hope that after the two courses are energized, we can strengthen our colleagues' understanding of the learning characteristics or behavioral performance of the special education students, avoid conflicts in the interaction between teachers and students, and treat the special education students with empathy. The teachers themselves look for their own emotions, relieve stress in a timely manner, hold a happy heart, and continue to work hard in education.
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