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The school handles the first meeting of the first special education promotion group in 2019

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To implement special education work, to protect the rights and interests of each special education student. This meeting was handled in accordance with the Special Education Law and the Constitution of the Special Education Promotion Group of Changhua Children's Auxiliary Education Department of the Ministry of Justice. The participants of this conference include the external scholars of the branch, the president of Changhua Special Education School, President Wang Zhiquan, the director of the Nantou District Court, Li Jinsong, and the internal committee of the branch (the head of the branch school, the head of the branch, the head of each branch, the head of the branch school, the special education teacher, and counseling). Teacher, freshman tutor).
Meeting process:
(1) The first stage: business report
Hosted by the school's Rao Principal Yaqi, the organizer is responsible for the special education, the number of people, the implementation of the IEP meeting, the arrangement of special education courses, the application of special professional team services of Special Internet, the special education group courses and special education. The report of the knowledge processing is carried out.
(ii) Second stage: proposal discussion
1. The special education teachers of the branch school report on assisting students to apply for relevant professional services and submit them to the committee for deliberation. A total of 3 students from the branch applied for psychotherapy and the resolution was passed.
2. Regarding the list of re-identification cases in the education stages of the branch school, there are 0 cases in the national education stage of the branch, and 4 cases in the high school education stage. The special education teacher reports the student's situation and the resolution is passed.
(3) Temporary motion:
※This activity is handled by the unit and telephone: Discipline 886-4-8742111 ext 308

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