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The school delivered a presentation on the results of the "Upwind Project Drama Workshop"

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Results presentation

On October 8, 2019, the school delivered a presentation on the results of the "Upwind Project Drama Workshop". The art of drama art is an innovation of juvenile correctional education. It hopes to guide the lost children to inspire their inner self-consciousness through learning, to find fun, to find self-worth and self-confidence, and to restart the beautiful life of the future.
The drama performance was performed by 23 female students of the school. The title of the drama was "Prisoners", which is a true portrayal of the life stories of the girls. When this group of young girls are unable to find an exit in their lives, they face a broken family system. The economy is lacking, cultural discrimination and the inner "angel" and the "devil" have chosen to "escape". How can they stand up on their own after falling? The performers' expressions, movements and emotions are precisely in place, and the affectionate interpretation fully presents the child's inner real world. At the same time, the student also composes a student's co-creation song - "What is the way to go home?" At the end of the performance, one of them is specially invited. The parents of the students took the stage and read a "letter written to their daughter." The child gained strength in the actual relationship because of the support of the mother. He hoped that the students and parents in the audience would be encouraged to know each other and re-understand each other. "Change" works together, and at the same time hopes to let the audience understand the social nature behind guilt and give these children a little more tolerance.
In addition to inviting the Ministry of Education, the State Education Department, the Correctional Services Department and the film critics to visit the exhibition, the parents and juvenile protection officers who participated in the performance were invited to witness the growth and transformation of the children. They also hoped to promote the parent-child through such occasions and opportunities. Emotional exchanges make up for the shortcomings of children and parents who have missed each other in the past. The school said that the Correctional Services Department has vigorously promoted the high-care family support program this year, and developed a multi-faceted mode to improve the corrective effect. The art education promoted by the branch school assists students to precipitate and change, and successfully returns to society and family. It is the pioneering practice of the Correctional Service. Another effective educational coaching model.
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