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The school handles the student "Gennic Choir Charity Care Concert"

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Going home musical

On May 15th, 2019, the school passed the "Gennics Choir Charity Care Concert", which was originally composed of the Taifo Christian Church in Orange County, Southern California, and other inter-sects. The 30 members who participated in the performance of the school traveled across the ocean. Back to Taiwan, through singing and drama, tenderness touched the hearts of students.
The representative of the branch said that he would like to thank the Grace Choir for returning to Taiwan to hold a concert of the prisoner's occupants, to patrol the students, to lead the students to repentance through the activities, to walk out of the darkness and to greet the light, while the brothel is grateful and cherish the rare opportunity. Listen with "heart". At the beginning, the members of the group started the activity with the singer, and through the singer, poetry, drama and information sharing, the gospel was sent to the students, leading the students to decide to pray, through the faith, to guide the lost lamb and repair the injured soul. With the "going home" musical performance, it was resonated, and the audience applauded with warm applause. At the same time, students were deeply pondered about their bad behavior in the past.
In the end, Pastor Chen went to the "Prodigal Son" to talk about her personal experience, encouraging students to believe in themselves, persisting in the end, not afraid of difficulties, and reopening new pages of life. No matter how mistakes were made in the past, as long as they repent, the home will always be the warmest. The safe haven, the family will always be the strongest backing, and he also prayed: "Let the love of Jesus illuminate the people in the dark, the light of life, and the blessings of the teachers and students of the school." In the beautiful song, accompany the students to spend a feast of warm and hearty music.
※This activity is handled by the unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111, extension 417

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