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The school handles the student's "1600-meter brigade relay" competition

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  • Last updated:2019-10-28
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The last stick is brave

In order to train students' physique and cultivate team spirit and unremitting spirit, the school will spend the leisure time in the afternoon of October 18, 2019, and handle the student brigade relay competition. A total of 13 classes of 104 students participated in the event.
The game is decided by lottery. Each class sends 8 elite players. Each student needs to run 200 meters. The shortest time to finish the time is the winning class. Before the competition, the headmaster of the branch, Rao, publicly praised the students for their honors and dedication. It is commendable for the students to play the spirit of the sportsmanship - "Winning is not arrogant, losing defeat", as long as "doing the best" is the first place in the teacher's mind Then, the physical education teacher explains the rules of the game and reminds the students to take warm-up measures.
The competition was fired after the headmaster fired the gun and the students enthusiastically unfolded. The students insisted on class honors. Even if they sweated, they insisted on not giving up. The students on the sports field sprinted all the way. The cheerleading cheers of the cheerleaders were endless, and the students cheered each other. The spirit of teamwork was revealed during the activities. The last great classmates made every effort to turn all the emotions into motivation, and finally won the victory. The whole class excitedly screamed and huddled together, and the warm scene on the scene was everywhere.
The strength of this team is quite different. The results are difficult to distinguish. The only difference is the "second difference". The students are fully committed to the practice process and will be deeply imprinted in everyone's mind, becoming the most beautiful and most memorable. Memories.
※This activity is handled by the unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111, extension 417

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