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The school handles the "2019 Volunteer Training"

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Students and lectures interact with each other

In order to enrich the professional knowledge of the teaching and learning of the school, through the professional knowledge of the lectures, the teaching and learning of the teaching and learning, the teaching staff will be given more psychological support and spiritual encouragement, and the effectiveness of the supplementary education will be enhanced. The school will handle the work on the morning of November 6, 2019. A total of 30 teaching volunteers participated in the event
President Rao said in his speech, thank you teachers for their long-term selfless dedication and dedication, caring and accompanying students, let them go through the low tide of life, lead them to grow and change their hopes, and the theme of the lecture - "Implementing Hope and Respect The counseling concept is very suitable for the counseling concept that we want to convey. In particular, Director Liu of the Qifang Consultation Office is an expert in family counseling and parent education. I believe that you can provide a lot of professional knowledge of volunteer teachers.
The content of the course is very substantial. The lecture guides the volunteer teacher to discuss why the child makes mistakes. What are the reasons behind it? In addition to expounding the various theoretical perspectives, the lectures are supplemented by simulated and practical operations in a lively and lively way, allowing the volunteers to re-learn the conversation skills with the case.
Finally, the director of the disciplined department, Kejiang, presided over the volunteer business supervision meeting. Huang Zhigong praised the curriculum and was full of rewards. He suggested that more similar activities be handled. Lin Zhigong shared the counseling experience at the meeting, applauding the students' good nature and appealing to the meeting. Volunteers give more care. After a lively discussion, the event was completed with a detailed explanation after the detailed explanation by Mr. Jiang.
※This activity is handled by the unit and telephone: Discipline Section 886-4-8742111, extension 417

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