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School of Finance Education Seminar

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Let students distinguish between want and need

In today's modern society, the financial market is changing rapidly, new products are introduced, in order to enrich students' financial knowledge, establish a correct consumer finance concept, develop a responsible attitude, and allow financial education to take root. The school combined with the Financial Supervision and Management Foundation in the afternoon of November 15, 2019. Commissioner Xiao Jinglong from Taiwan Small and Medium Enterprise Bank was invited to attend the school for a lecture on student financial education-to be a wealth management expert with the correct view of money. A total of 225 students from 15 classes participated in the event.
Teachers of disciplines encourage students to listen carefully and attentively, and with lectures and years of financial practice experience, they will be able to give students multiple and practical financial knowledge. The lectures were carried out in lively ways such as case studies, interactive rewards, etc. Participating students kept their heads calmly and listened intently with their ears raised in earnest. The lecture broke the illusion of getting rich overnight with a "three steps of accumulation". He used ordinary people's financial management method to "use the leftover to save", and the wealth management expert "difficult to use the leftover" to teach students the correct concept of financial management; the lecture also used charts to distinguish "want" and "need" The difference between them reminds students to reject material temptations and establish correct consumption concepts.
The course uses brainstorming interactive quizzes to guide students to think about facing financial life, and also deepens students' impression and understanding of the course content. Finally, the lecture encourages students to work hard to earn good fortune, maintain good personal credit, make good use of savings and financial management, accumulate less and make more, and create a happy life.
※ The organizer and telephone of this activity: Training Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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