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Our school handles student badminton competitions

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  • Last updated:2019-11-27
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badminton competitions

In order to train the students' physique and cultivate a positive sporting atmosphere, the school will handle the student badminton singles competition on November 22, 2019. A total of 32 elite players from 16 classes participated in this event.
The order of the game is decided by a lottery. The "landing score, three-game two-win system" uses 21 points per round. When the two sides are nearing the end of the game, if they get 20-20 points at the same time, they enter the DEUCE rule. Before the game, the sports teacher will explain the rules of the game, and remind students to take good precautions and follow the rules of the game. At the beginning of the game, the girls' group played. In order to win class honors, the girls overcome the inherent physical limitations, and even persisted in sweating, they will not give up. In order to have an outstanding performance on the court, the competitors had to practice fully before the game. The two teams on the field were of equal strength and played a stunning game. During the game, the students cheered and cheered each other. Show the spirit of sportsman.
The contestants were strong, the male high school class won 21 to 17; the female vocational class contestants took the form of a "front school team" 21 to 5. After the competition, the students' hidden perseverance was obvious. The game ended successfully in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.
※ The organizer and telephone of this activity: Training Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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