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Harmonica class wins again

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  • Last updated:2019-12-13
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Harmonica class wins again

The Harmonica team of this branch has represented Changhua County three times in the National Student Music Competition since the 2013 academic year. On the 12th of this month, it participated in the Changhua County Student Music Competition in the 2019 academic year. Once again won the harmonica ensemble high school vocational group group first place.
The branch school coincided with the reorganization of the correctional school on July 31 this year. The course was changed from half-day to full-day. The practice time was reduced. Students can only use class and holidays to practice more. Participants, the rhythm seems to be a stranger. Although the learning process in the past year has been very difficult, they can finally show brilliant results. The spirit of girls' brave pursuit of dreams and persistence is really moving.
The girl H from the broken family said, "Being able to participate in the harmonica team is my first dream for myself after entering school. The difficulties encountered during the learning process are never interrupted. Every time I overcome the difficulties, I can accumulate experience, Perseverance, transforming one's state of mind one time at a time and affirming herself. "When asked about the unforgettable experience in the learning process, she said," I have had frictions and disputes during the interaction with my classmates. I have learned to tolerate each other and build deeper friendship in many times I am very fortunate that everyone can go hand in hand and start again. It makes me feel very happy to watch the teachers ’resentment and regrets! I also know how to be grateful and cherish every hard-won learning opportunity. The results of today ’s competition make me more optimistic about the future. Have confidence."
The principal of Rao Branch said that in addition to the formal syllabus education for the students after the restructuring, the school adopted a class-by-class approach to teaching talents, especially focusing on music, drama, and education treatment courses. The results were quite good. The donation fund provided sufficient resources for the students, and he also praised the students for their hard work and their efforts to achieve the excellent results today.
※ The organizer and telephone of this activity: Training Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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