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Students of our school participated in the 2019 China Cup National Beauty Salon and Beauty Technology Contest

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  • Last updated:2019-12-19
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Winning students

In order to train students to improve their professional skills and increase their practical experience, this branch school plans 4 first-year students in the beauty department to participate in the 2019 China Cup National Beauty Salon and Beauty Technology Competition. Through the affirmation of professional review, students will be able to quickly go out Connected with the industry, and can build self-confidence in the development of the workplace, and continue to move into the professional field of beauty and hairdressing.
Four first-year students of the beauty department of this branch school signed up for the 2019 China Cup National Beauty Salon and Beauty Technology Competition in November. The competition categories are 2 standard cold stamping static groups and 2 fan-shaped cold stamping static groups. The teacher's professional guidance and students studied carefully, and on December 15th, Mr. Qiu Yiya delivered the work to the Tainan Labor Education Center to be scored by a professional judge, and finally won the runner-up in the standard cold stamping static group and the first prize And the second place in the fan-shaped cold-pressing static group, 1 excellent, the participating students have achieved good results, which is commendable.
After this competition, the students accumulated practical experience and improved their professional skills in hairdressing. The participating students were happy to say that they would be of great help to their future employment.
※ The unit and telephone for this activity: Educational Affairs Division 886-4-8742111 ext. 320

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