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Our school handles the life story of "Steel Girl"

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  • Last updated:2019-12-24
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life story

Taking the difficulties encountered in the lectures but living a different life as an example, students are encouraged to cherish life, learn to overcome difficulties, persevere in their personality, and cultivate a positive attitude towards life. This campus is specially integrated with the rehabilitation team on December 13, 2019 The Che Changhua Chapter invited Ms. Zhuang Yajing, the person in charge of the “Little N Doudou Hand-Creation Hall”, to come to the school for a life education lecture, and a total of 142 students participated in the event.
Our teachers encourage students to make mistakes in the process of growth. Accepting yourself and seeing your own value can create a beautiful life. At the beginning of the event, the lecture said that after a 13-year-old car accident, she wanted to get rid of her life. Because of the love of her family, she stood up and changed her life completely. She said, "The miracle is not to survive, but to live bravely. Go on! ”She used to think that freedom was free from the embrace of her parents. She played with friends all day and chased her youth. Now she finally understands that true freedom is the feeling of“ recognizing the value of her existence, being free and bound within her heart, ”and encouraging Students cherish the opportunity to get along with their families, re-understand that they are a unique existence, and be the masters of their lives.
At the same time, rehabilitators are arranged to share, reminding students to seize the opportunity of life to create opportunities for success, and do not make excuses to make themselves lost again. At the end of the event, the students ’chorus" Merry Christmas "was led by the fellowship of the rehabilitation group to give Christmas gifts and pray for the students. The students were encouraged to settle their hearts and recover their true self during the probation education. The activity ended in a warm and joyful atmosphere.
※ The organizer and telephone of this activity: Training Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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