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Our school handles the Karaoke singing contest in December 2019

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wonderful perfomance

In order to enhance students 'diversified study interest, discover students' singing and performing talents and train students to take the stage guts, typhoons, manners and expression skills, the branch school will handle the "King of the Forest" Cara OK singing competition on the afternoon of December 27, a total of 25 39 students participated.
In this competition, the four major aspects of pitch rhythm, emotional skills, timbre bite words and typhoon appearance were used as the scoring criteria. The competition was launched with great expectations. The internal selection of students to participate in the class is a one-time choice. In addition to exposing personal charm, the timbre and singing skills are superior. The competition is decided by the lottery of students. The male high school students use a song called "Anonymous Sadness" to show their gentleness. The voice and sincere emotions are closely tied to the audience's hearts; the girls are not allowed to frown, and the girls in the class also show their singing skills with a "remember". The orioles have a beautiful tone, which makes the audience listen as if they are intoxicated. Enthusiastic applause; contestants' singing skills, interpretation of lyrics and mood, and attention to focus made the venue exclaimed and applauded. Teachers and teachers at the scene encouraged the deeper friendship between teachers and students.
The contestants gathered, and their strength was between Bo Zhong. The score of the game was announced. The students in the class took off the back seat of the champion. In addition, two students in the women's vocational class won the best typhoon and the best modeling award respectively, and the activity marked a perfect period in the lively and laughter.
※ The organizer and telephone of this activity: Training Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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