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Our school handles the Spring Festival 2020

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  • Last updated:2020-01-21
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Spring Festival

"Every holiday season, think twice about your family" On January 15, 16th, 2020, our branch school held a two-day Spring Festival "Family Face-to-face Relations" event. On the eve of the holiday season, students who miss their loved ones will share their happiness with parents. The on-site class instructors shuttled between the teenagers and their parents and exchanged opinions with each other. Some teenagers had red eyes in front of their loved ones who had not met for a long time, and the scene was quite moving.
Mr. Su, the head of the Correction Department of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, was accompanied by President Rao to attend the venue to care for the students, so that students could feel warm care and blessings in advance on the eve of the Spring Festival. Recently, our branch school has paid more attention to family support and various counselling education for young children, promoted the "Support in Time" program to assist students with family support, and set up a family assistance counseling desk to provide parents with channels for students' further education, employment, and parent-child communication.
A total of 290 family members from all over Taiwan participated in the two-day event. The branch will continue to uphold the concept of counseling and education, strengthen the interaction between teachers, parents and students, fully communicate and counsel, and help students return to society smoothly.
※ The organizer and telephone of this event: Training Section 886-4-8742111 ext. 417

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